About Doctor Bill

Bill is a retired Family Doctor who, despite ceasing active  Family Practice, still has a wish to see people live happy,  healthy, active and fulfilled lives

I believe in the concept of  “Total Health “. By that I mean we are Physical,  Emotional, Social and Spiritual Beings.

When I graduated 56 years ago, I was a young enthusiastic Doctor who had been fortunate to receive a good general education in Medicine. The emphasis was on physical illnesses, their cause and treatment. There had been a short course in mental illnesses which I did not enjoy. The Psychiatrist was very Freudian in his approach. I found his ideas strange and difficult to accept. I was determined to avoid this aspect of Medicine as far as possible. I was very happy looking after “Physically ill “people, performing surgical operations & delivering the babies.

However, it did not take me long to discover that there were many unhappy people suffering from anxiety, depression and other emotional problems. I was forced to become more involved in the psychological aspect of medicine and did in fact seek other training in psychological problems in both the USA and in Melbourne, Australia. The interesting thing was how many of these patients presented with physical complaints, such as headache , tiredness, chest pain, indigestion and diarrhoea, to name a few. I began to appreciate how much  our emotional state impacts on our physical condition

I had been a competing Athlete before and throughout my medical training. I was a middle distance runner in my earlier years but had progressed to longer distances as I became older. I had achieved some success and held the Melbourne University 10 mile road running record for a few years.

I was very involved in Sports Medicine and held the position of President of the Victorian Branch of that organisation for 2 years.

I was an Honorary Medical Officer with the Victorian & Australian Amateur Athletic Associations. As well as being appointed Manager and Medical Officer of several Victorian Teams to State and National Championships.  I had the great honour of being the Assistant Manager and Medical Officer with the Australian Team to the inaugural Pacific Conference Games in Canada in 1973

As a committed Christian, I believe that we are also “Spiritual” beings. I believe the Bible teaches very clearly about Body, Mind & Spirit. Naturally my emphasis will always be the Christian aspect of Spirituality which has been my Guide and Sustainer throughout my life.

Marriage and Family is the most important of Human Relationships to me.  I believe that strong Healthy Families are the key to a Healthy Society . I have  been (for 60 years) and still am, happily married to Ann.  We have five children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

To be ” Totally Healthy”, all those aspects of our existence must be in Balance. If  one area is not functioning well it can have an impact on  the other areas.

I plan  to develop this ” Philosophy”  through  Articles on the Website and by directing those,  who visit this Site, to Educational and other resources to help them gain Total Health.

Doctor Bill

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