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5 Responses to “Contact Doctor Bill”

  • Comment from docbill

    Hello Eryn, I have never heard of anyone having an HDL of 12 with a normal LDL. We like people to hava an HDL around 2. I would ask your doctor to have the levels checked again

    Doctor Bill

  • Comment from alex

    loving all the facts about salt
    just wanted to know when were you in the newspaper on ANZAC day wht year

  • Comment from Alexander

    hey good job lovely website

    just wanting to know how much salt should you have a day?

    thanks doc Alex

  • Comment from docbill

    Hello Angie, Thank you for your question.

    All naturally occuring foods contain Sodium, even your delicious home grown beef and chicken. However the amount varies from a trace upwards. Even breast milk contains a small amount of sodium. The salt in naturally occuring foods is NOT the problem. It has been estimated that about 80% of the salt intake in our diet comes from processed foods. Hence the recommendation eliminate or at least drastically reduce added salt in the home diet. Certainly read labels.

    I love watching Cooking Programmes but I am horrified at the amount of salt our popular Chefs add to their recipes.

    Have a look at the Australian Food standards site; it has hundreds of pages listing all the foods we eat and their salt content.

    Best wishes .

    Doctor Bill

  • Comment from Angie

    Hello Dr.Bill
    Great information on salt, thankyou. As high blood pressure has featured in our family for some time adding salt to food has always been a definite no, no. Living on a farm our diets have greatly improved over the past 4 years, most of our food we grow ourselves, we also eat our own meat….this is my question. Would natural meat contain salt ? l thought anything processed would contain salt as it enhances flavours but l had never thought of how much salt natural food contains….cheers Angie

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