The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 5 – Five Gold Rings

The Fifth Day of Christmas – Five Gold rings

In my previous Posts I discussed the gifts given on the fist four days of  ” The Twelve Days of Christmas”

Verse five says:

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

My true love sent to me,

Five Gold Rings,

Four Colly birds,

Three French Hens,

Two Turtle Doves,

And a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Now, which lady would not be pleased to receive, Five Gold Rings, as a gift Especially if  they also had diamonds imbedded in the ring!

However, it is not certain that they were the type of Gold Rings which all ladies crave.

It is believed that the gift of Five Gold Rings, given on the Fifth Day of Christmas, refers not to jewellery but to the Ring-necked Pheasant.                                                                                                                    

Others have said it means “Five gold Spinks”, an old name for a Goldfinch

Which ever is correct, it would be consistent with the thought that the first seven gifts are all birds.

The Common Pheasant is native to Georgia, a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

 The Common Pheasant is one of the worlds most hunted birds. This is the reason it  has been introduced to many parts of the world as a Game Bird.

Ring-necked Pheasants in particular are commercially bred and are common on Game Farms

The Ring-necked Pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota in the United Sates of America. It is one of only three state birds that is not a native species to the USA. In the USA, Common Pheasants are widely known as  “Ring-necked Pheasants”

Goldfinches on the other hand are commonly kept and bred in captivity around the world because of their distinctive appearance and pleasant song which contains trills and twitters. They are sometimes inter-bred with the Canary for this reason.

 Well, whatever the true meaning of Five Gold Rings, I’m sure your true love will make the correct choice.


Doctor Bill

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